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My favourite thing to draw

I draw a lot. I draw a variety of creatures. My ABSOLUTE favourite thing to draw is the European brown hare. The shoot that James and I both help out on during the winter has loads of hares on the land, and I love nothing better than just standing quietly and watching them. I've nearly had them run into me if I stay quiet enough. I know the fact that I work on a shoot sounds like a contradiction and I'm planning a blog post on it soon, but believe me when I say that hunters make great conservationists.

Anyway, if you've not left the website in disgust at my activities, read on. I might make it worth your while by the end of this post. It'll be educational at least.

Back to the hares. I just adore them. They have such expressive faces, beautiful tones in their coats AND THOSE EARS 😍 perfect for standing as tall as they can and swivelling around to listen out for predators. Their whole body is just built for speed. Did you know, they don't go underground like rabbits. Not even to give birth. Instead they give birth in a scrape or a form above ground. Within no time at all, the leverets are capable of running to escape from danger. The adults can turn in their own body length, and those big back legs are just made for sprinting. Their whole physiology is designed to be fast. Even their hearts are huge for their size, to pump all that blood around.

One of my first commissions was Hester Hare, who was a limited edition print, as well as a 5x7" card. Since then, Horatio and Quizzical hare have joined the collection, although Quizzical was sold as an exclusive original to a repeat customer. Horatio is a coloured pencil hare drawing that I made prints and cards from, as well as having the original available too.

I can feel another hare drawing coming on soon, maybe boxing hares. What do you think? And as a thank you for getting to the end, take 20% across the website with code ILOVEHARES.

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